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Staying up past midnight to read was common for me in high school. My love of reading has never stopped. Do you have the same love of reading? Do you want to read books that will inspire you to amplify your leadership superpower? Join the book club.

Each month we will read a new book. I will share with you my kindle highlights, list some questions, and the discussion will continue on my Facebook page. Discuss topics with people who are reading the same book, asking themselves the same questions you are, and really amplify what you are reading.

Below you will find a preview of the books we will discuss this year. If you subscribe to the Modern Leadership Podcast you could win one of three of the books we will be reading this year. ENTER TO WIN.

March 2017

Learn More

April 2017

Leaders Eat Last

Learn More

May 2017

Thou Shall Prosper

Learn More

June 2017

H3 Leadership

Learn More

July 2017

Disrupt Yourself

Learn More

August 2017

The Chimp Paradox

Learn More

September 2017


Learn More

October 2017

The Monk and the Riddle

Learn More

November 2017

Living With A Seal

Learn More

December 2017

The Accidental Creative

Learn More

January 2018

Grit Book

Learn More



Learn More

March 2018


Learn More

April 2018Option B

Learn More

May 2018Friction

Learn More

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