ML39 – Attracting Money Through Poverty Consciousness with Nitin Chhoda

Struggle as proportional to resiliency

Nitin Chhoda came to the United States just after 9/11 in 2002 with no money, no family, no friends. But he had a dream, a passion and the commitment to work for it. During those first years, he worked as a waiter, often waiting until the customers left so he could eat because he couldn’t afford food. He slept in his car because he couldn’t afford rent.

Nitin is the founder of Total Activation, a skincare and nutrition line, along with several other businesses grossing high seven figures annually. AND the author of Total Activation: The 5 Step Fitness Mantra.
He overcame self-doubt, developed confidence, and transformed into a successful entrepreneur.

Nitin Chhoda

Episode Summary: Attracting Money Through Poverty Consciousness with Nitin Chhoda

ML38 – Passion Pulls, Integrating Who We Are with What We Care About with Venture Capitalist Randy Komisar

Randy Komisar is a Venture Capitalist out of Silicon Valley, at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, right there on Sandhill road. The heart and soul of tech investing. He is the former CEO of LucasArts Entertainment and Crystal Dynamics, and acted as “virtual CEO” for WebTV and GlobalGiving. He served as CFO of GO Corp. and senior counsel at Apple Computer, following a private practice in technology law. He is a Founding director of TIVO and a graduate of Harvard law school. Plus a great guy.

Randy Komisar

Episode Summary: Passion Pulls, Integrating Who We Are with What We Care About

ML35 – The New Science of Peak Performance with Author Dr. Anders Ericsson

Dr. K. Anders Ericsson is the co-author of Peak: Secrets From the New Science of Expertise. He is a Conradi Eminent Scholar and Professor of Psychology at Florida State University. He received his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Stockholm, Sweden and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Carnegie Mellon. He has worked with a Nobel Prize winner and written extensively on performance and increasing ability. Additionally, he is a Fellow of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences and a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

Anders Ericsson


Episode Summary: The New Science of Peak Performance with Author Dr. Anders Ericsson

ML34 – Authentic Storytelling Can Make You A Star with Dan Moyle

Today’s guest, Dan Moyle, is a master of engaging marketing. He has a background in the TV news business, and understands interruption marketing. He brings a wealth of knowledge from writing to video production to multimedia content creation. So we talk authenticity and how to create the x-factor within your company.

His motto, “I’d rather help someone reach 50 ideal customers rather than 5,000 passive viewers.” Dan is believer in servant leadership, and can be found behind the scenes at organizations like Talons Out Honor Flight and Interview Valet.

Dan Moyle


Episode Summary: Authentic Storytelling Can Make You A Star with Dan Moyle

ML29 – Authenticity, Failure and Changing the World with Pamela Gold

Pamela Gold grew up on her family’s apple farm in upstate New York, graduated from Yale University, and then entered the business world in NYC where she was the point person on an IPO at the age of 24. Leaving the workforce to start a family, she co-founded West Village Parents and went on to pursue her passion for fitness and wellness.

It was through this pursuit that she discovered yoga, which connected her love of philosophy, science, psychology, and wellness and eventually led her to discover her life’s work: teaching inner peace as the key to our greatest evolution and ultimately, world peace. Her book, Find More Strength: 5 Pillars to Unlock Unlimited Power and Happiness is full of tragedy to triumph personal stories, along with actionable tools to help increase power and happiness in life.

Pamela Gold

Episode Summary: Authenticity, Failure and Changing the World with Pamela Gold

ML27 – Scaling a Service Based Business with Kate Stalter

Kate Stalter is one of those financial gurus who just seem to know what is going on with the markets and the economy. She is here to help us sort a bit out. A licensed investment advisor representative (means she knows investments), the founder of Better Money Decisions, which is a fee-only investment advisory firm based in Albuquerque but with offices in Santa Fe and Scottsdale. She is an investment columnist for Forbes, US News & World Report, and Seeking Alpha, and host of the America Talks Money podcast.

Kate stalter


Episode Summary: Scaling a Service Based Business with Kate Stalter

ML24 – Disrupt Yourself & Surf The S Curve with Whitney Johnson

4 questions to discover if you are on the right curve

Whitney Johnson is the author of this month’s bookclub book Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work is the perfect book for us to deep dive into as business owners and leaders. Because it gives us permission- and not just permission- it actually encourages us to break the norm and build our own success curve. To be disruptive.

Whitney is one of the world’s most influential management thinkers, according to Thinkers50, and she is a podcast host- The Disrupt Yourself podcast.

Whitney Johnson

Elite Achievement Academy

Episode Summary: Disrupt Yourself & Surf The S Curve with Whitney Johnson

ML23 – Survival Tips with Jonathan David Lewis

Is Your Brand Wandering in The Wild?

Jonathan David Lewis is the author of the brand new, on the shelves now, book Brand vs. Wild: Building Resilient Brands for Harsh Business Environments. He is a partner and strategy director at McKee Wallwork + Company, a firm recognized by Advertising Age as a national leader in branding and marketing. McKee Wallwork + Company has won the Southwest Small Agency of the Year, national B2B Campaign of the Year, and national Best Places to Work awards.

On top of all that- Jonathan is an engaging and authoritative speaker on shaping a brand that can survive—and thrive—in today’s tough, uncertain world.

Jonathan David Lewis


Episode Summary: Is Your Brand Wandering in The Wild?

Survival Tips with Jonathan David Lewis

ML22 – Values Based, Not Results Only Organizations with Bobby Albert

Bobby Albert is currently president of Values-Driven Leadership, LLC. His passion is helping leaders build inspiring workplace cultures. Grounded in values and powered by the twin engine of enhancing relationships and driving for results, Bobby helps leaders chart a proven path to extraordinary results. He has started twelve businesses and acquired nine others. His approach to business has been to value people, seek wisdom, embrace humility, and never stop learning.

Bobby Albert

Episode Summary: Values Based, Not Results Only Organizations with Bobby Albert

3 Leadership Lessons Taught by Mr Miyagi

Why it is crucial to find the right coach

Mr Miyagi

When I was six, Columbia Pictures released the original Karate Kid movie. I loved it, and used my newly learned karate skills to punish the neighbors fence. (oops!)

I now have a six- year-old. The Karate Kid has been on my mind this week. (yikes)

I started playing hockey my freshman year high school. I was terrible. I could barely stand. I spent more time crashing over the boards than celebrating goals. I can’t even remember my first goal, probably an accidental redirection off my stick, between my legs.

But I do remember my first coach. Bill Miller. He was a great guy. Loved hockey, loved the thrill of victory, but mostly loved seeing the development of hockey players.