ML19 – New Retirement: Not Retiring

What if I DO Wish I Spent More Time at The Office?

I am 39 years old- why the heck am I thinking about the new retirement: not retiring?

3 reasons

  1. You are asking for it- it’s on your mind
  2. We just talked about it in Thou Shall Prosper
  3. Whether you want to retire or not- you must decide and act today- or you will have no choice

New Retirement: Don't Retire

Episode Summary: New Retirement: Not Retiring

3 lies of retirement

  1. Work has no value in and of itself
  2. People become less productive as they age
  3. People are consumers- not creators

Challenges of retiring early?

  • Financial
    • When to take social security
    • When to take retirement
    • Not be able to afford your bucket list
  • Non financial
    • What do you do with all the time/Do you have enough hobbies?
    • Social outlet
    • Confidence- explaining to other why you no longer work
    • Miss the work stress
    • No reliable indicator of usefulness
    • Hard to go back
    • Health
    • Selfish- turns the focus on you
    • Lost productivity

New Retirement: Don't Retire

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