ML22 – Values Based, Not Results Only Organizations with Bobby Albert

Bobby Albert is currently president of Values-Driven Leadership, LLC. His passion is helping leaders build inspiring workplace cultures. Grounded in values and powered by the twin engine of enhancing relationships and driving for results, Bobby helps leaders chart a proven path to extraordinary results. He has started twelve businesses and acquired nine others. His approach to business has been to value people, seek wisdom, embrace humility, and never stop learning.

Bobby Albert

Episode Summary: Values Based, Not Results Only Organizations with Bobby Albert

  • Bobby took over his father’s business as a young college graduate with little experience when his father passed away
  • Don’t behave like the bosses son
  • Give me a chance
  • What got you here won’t get you there
  • Values based, not results only
  • I’m ready to find out who I am

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Learning From Leaders: 

Current Book: Servant Leader by Ken Blanchard

Best Movie Ever: Sing

Leadership Superpower: Problem Solving Leadership

Motivational Mantra: 

Leadership Trait to Pass to Next Generation: Achieve significance

Best Book Ever: Bible

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