ML27 – Scaling a Service Based Business with Kate Stalter

Kate Stalter is one of those financial gurus who just seem to know what is going on with the markets and the economy. She is here to help us sort a bit out. A licensed investment advisor representative (means she knows investments), the founder of Better Money Decisions, which is a fee-only investment advisory firm based in Albuquerque but with offices in Santa Fe and Scottsdale. She is an investment columnist for Forbes, US News & World Report, and Seeking Alpha, and host of the America Talks Money podcast.

Kate stalter


Episode Summary: Scaling a Service Based Business with Kate Stalter

  • Take care of yourself first
  • How to scale a customer service based business?
  • Build a team that highlights everyone’s strengths
  • You must have systems in place
  • Discussion of emotional decision making in investments
  • Do you recommend taking money from your IRA to fund a business venture?

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