ML37 – Is Fear Driving Everything in Your Business? with Cort Dial

When Intel, Chevron, Disney, and Apple want to cultivate a new breed of leader, they turn to Cort Dial. By guiding individuals through frank self-evaluation, personal change, and the pursuit of extraordinary performance, Cort creates All-In Leaders, high achievers who recognize the power of human connection. He is the author of 2016’s #1 business book according to Globe & Mail, Heroes and Heretics

Cort Dial

Episode Summary: Is Fear Driving Everything in Your Business?

  • It’s all a relationship business. Customers know, like, and trust you.
  • The Catalytic Leader- someone people want to be around
  • Mantra- Baseball is for a season, character is for life
  • If you look through history, leaders often begin as heretics, people thought they were crazy
  • A heretic is a time traveler. Someone who can go to the future and come back and tell us what it’s going to be like
    • Examples: Jobs, King, Kennedy, Galileo
    • All great leaders do this
    • People willing to change to be a part of that future
  • All-in leaders capture the hearts and minds of their people to focus maximum attention and effort on a cause or movement
  • What happens when we make promises we can’t deliver on?
    • No one has to apologize for making results that are history making
  • We have been convinced that there are limits to what we can accomplish, this just isn’t true
  • Leaders are not created at leadership conferences
    • Leadership happens when circumstances cause them to grow and act as a leader
  • Enroll people through conversation
  • A frank self-evaluation
  • Emerging trends in business
    • Fear- it is driving almost everything is business today
    • Starts with leaders looking internal, what do they need to change?
  • Be fearless yourself and reward people who ask tough questions
  • The most common mistake businesses are making today: obsession with growth
  • Enrollment is the ability to create a space where we can make an authentic choice

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