ML39 – Attracting Money Through Poverty Consciousness with Nitin Chhoda

Struggle as proportional to resiliency

Nitin Chhoda came to the United States just after 9/11 in 2002 with no money, no family, no friends. But he had a dream, a passion and the commitment to work for it. During those first years, he worked as a waiter, often waiting until the customers left so he could eat because he couldn’t afford food. He slept in his car because he couldn’t afford rent.

Nitin is the founder of Total Activation, a skincare and nutrition line, along with several other businesses grossing high seven figures annually. AND the author of Total Activation: The 5 Step Fitness Mantra.
He overcame self-doubt, developed confidence, and transformed into a successful entrepreneur.

Nitin Chhoda

Episode Summary: Attracting Money Through Poverty Consciousness with Nitin Chhoda

  • Arrived at JFK airport and some friends dropped him off at the Big Apple Hostel, which was only $20/night
  • Asked directions at a hotdog stand- I didn’t know any better
    • I wouldn’t change anything, I loved it
  • My only objective was to stay loyal and work hard for my employer
  • I had no idea or inclination of the opportunities- loyalty was my driver
  • Plans evolve and develop
  • Use income to grow an existing business or start a secondary business that relates to the first
  • I still drive the car I bought back in 2007- I don’t take the profits and just buy things
  • Not competing in multiple markets- but serving the same market with multiple products or companies
  • Prepare for the ups and the downs, you will face both in your career
  • Preparing for the ups has a lot to do with your self-worth
    • Now that I’ve gone from point A to point B, I can move on to the next step/stage
    • A clear idea of what makes you happy
    • Otherwise you are going to screw it up- it is human nature
  • We subconsciously sabotage our effort- it is important to have confidence (internal self-worth)
  • Mentors give you clarity and teach you the importance of simplicity
  • Individuals who attract money do so because they do a good job, are well known, and create transformations.
  • Poverty consciousness- a person who thinks it is hard to make money. They pinch pennies instead of making more money
    • A negative relationship with money
  • Simplicity and clarity as taught by a child
  • None of my kids are getting a Tesla before I do
  • Kids need to earn and learn before receiving the luxuries
  • The degree to which you struggle is directly proportional to how resilient you become
  • Evaluate how to do things more simply
    • Benefits include efficiency and retained brainpower
  • Total activation considers what goes on your body as well as in your body for health
    • E- Emotional
    • P- Physical
    • S- Social
    • S- Spiritual
    • I- Intellectual

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Total Activation: The New 5 Step Fitness Mantra by Nitin Chhoda

Nitin’s website – make sure to mention me (Jake Carlson) for a discount and special offer


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