ML46 – How to be Prolific and Brilliant with The Accidental Creative Todd Henry

Todd Henry is a superstar successful author who, next month releases his 4th game changing book- Herding Tigers. His first book, The Accidental Creative, How to Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice is this month’s (December 2017) Modern Leadership Book club deep dive and the reason I invited Todd to join us.

Todd is host of the Accidental Creative podcast and a self-proclaimed arms dealer for the creative revolution. He writes and speaks on creativity, productivity, and passion for work. So, basically, being brilliant.

Accidental Creative

Episode Summary: How to be Prolific and Brilliant with The Accidental Creative Todd Henry

  • Be prolific in life and work
  • Started with a podcast (the Accidental Creative Podcast is almost 12 years old)
  • Creativity is problem solving. If you solve problems, you are a creative
    • Not just artists, but business owners, employees and entrepreneurs. You are ALL creatives
    • Be mindful of how you structure life so you can be creative when it matters
    • Even lawyers
  • We take our creativity for granted
    • Because it is mysterious. It takes time to trace the genesis of an idea
    • We cannot force creativity
  • Creativity is making connections- connecting dots
    • And they solve problems
  • The problem is we are less than intentional about our problems, relationships, work etc.
  • Stimulate creativity through rituals
  • Snow-mageddon
    • Little energy over time over maximum effort all at once- energy management
    • Energy management can be more important than efficiency- they are different
    • How you layer commitments
    • Prune the vineyard- don’t let new fruit drain resources
      • A lot of mediocre or a little very good fruit
    • Mediocrity is the result of energy drain
  • Psychic vampires- suck energy out of the room
    • Are there people, projects, personal commitments that you need to prune from your life
  • Buckets of life- separate parts of our life
    • You sit at the intersection of every decision in your life
    • Be mindful of how every aspect of your life affects the other aspects
  • People don’t remember the project, they remember the process
  • When you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else
  • We are in an age of increasing awareness and decreasing understanding
  • Empathy takes time and sustained effort
  • Are we losing our sense of empathy?
  • Unplug and disconnect- take time to be unreachable- off the grid
  • We cannot process all the information we receive unless we step back and process- look for patterns

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Learning From Leaders: 

Current Book: Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio

Best Movie Ever: Gladiator 

Leadership Superpower: Intuition, connecting dots and seeing patterns

Motivational Mantra:

Best Book Ever: (most impactful) Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t by Jim Collins

Additional Items Mentioned

Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck–Why Some Thrive Despite Them All by Jim Collins

Todd Henry’s Website


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