ML51- Are You Ready to Hire a Chief of Staff with Madeleine Maddy Niebauer

Madeleine Maddy Niebauer is the CEO and Founder of vChief, helping overwhelmed leaders, like you and I, get on top of our to-do list and spend more time where we can have the most impact.

She has more than 20 years of professional experience, including 8 years as a chief of staff, an MBA from Columbia Business School and a Bachelor’s Degree from Stanford University. Her company, vChief, or virtual chief of staff, supports leaders from all sectors and domains, who are looking for high-level strategic support on a part-time basis. Interesting.

And, knowing my background, you will love this. Maddy travelled with her family for 8 months internationally in Central and South America while running her company from the road. She discovered great tips for working remotely internationally, travel with family and “world-schooling” kids.

Maddy Niebauer

Episode Summary: Are You Ready to Hire a Chief of Staff with Maddy Madeleine Niebauer

  • World schooling for Maddy was just a couple hours a day of books and then using the world as a classroom
  • What is a chief of staff? It is different for every leader
    • The best chief of staff supports what their leader needs
    • The trusted advisor or right hand of the leader
    • Takes things off the plate of the leader
    • Planning for a board meeting
  • Chief of staff connects the dots, with a high-level view of the organization
    • It is not an executive assistant
    • Chief of staff is more high level and strategic
  • How to create demand for your services
    • Exposure- getting in front of people
    • What do they need- help them to understand.
  • By 2020, 10% of the job market will be Gen Z
  • Are we moving into a culture of outsourcing, virtual employees?
  • Some statistics say that the workforce will be 50% virtual or remote in the next 5 years
  • Leaders need to think about their priorities
    • Individual, not just corporate or organizational
    • What are the things I alone can do?
    • Keep the monkeys with your team, not with you
    • Take a hard look at what only you can do, and let others do what they can do- delegate
  • Delegation
    • Have office hours, and time for head’s down focused work
    • Expressly communicate with your team
    • Set time to focus and think- strategize – planning
  • Give your team the tools and training so they can do it themselves
    • In the beginning instruction, then coaching
  • A coach helps you prioritize, your strengths and weaknesses
    • A chief of staff is more technical, operational and strategic
  • Map out your time in advance
    • At the end of the week, a review of how you did
    • A moment to take that time
    • Planning daily is important
  • What are my big rocks for the day?
  • Thing about how you engage with email
    • You control your email, don’t let it control you
    • Set aside blocks to look at email and only touch it once
  • Be confident in yourself- you know where you need to focus
    • Confidence is a journey
  • We are all on a leadership journey- figuring it out through experience
  • Give yourself the freedom and permission to take the time to think strategically

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