ML53 – The Hidden Cost of Doubt & Inaction with Aaron Hendon

Aaron Hendon is a master in the Seattle Real Estate market. With bundles of awards and ton of success for his clients. He recently published his latest book Shortchanged by Shortcuts? 44 Surprising Ways People Rip Themselves Off When Buying or Selling Their Home.

Aaron grew up in NY and received a Fine Arts Degree from Purchase College in NY- which he says made him eligible to work in the Food Service industry.  So, with this fine arts degree, you headed to Albuquerque to open up a real NY Bagel shop.

Aaron Hendon

Episode Summary: The Hidden Cost of Doubt & Inaction with Aaron Hendon

  • Doubt is part of the game
    • It is a mistake to pretend you are going to lose doubt
    • Doubt and fear are cousins
    • Courage and confidence are related in the same way
    • Without fear there is no context for courage
    • Doubt is a flag for a need to generate courage
    • We all default to doubt
    • Doubt is natural
  • Every leader deals with doubt (constantly)
  • The hidden costs of doubt are the opportunity costs
    • Missed opportunities
    • What is missing in the world- what art could have existed
  • It is easy to measure the negative consequences of action. It is much harder to calculate the cost of inaction, or missed opportunity
  • The question isn’t “is it the right time” but rather, “is it the right time for ME”
  • How do you know when you have the right opportunity?
    • Don’t get hung up on if “this” is the right thing.
    • The asking of the question, not the finding of the answer is what is important
    • Don’t be attached to the “right” answer- there is no right answer, just AN answer
  • When you determine the right answer for you- then you have opportunity to throw yourself into it- be fully committed.
    • Do not entertain your doubt
    • Play full out in whatever you are doing
  • Football analogy-
    • When the play is called, and the ball snapped you have to adapt and adjust
    • An opportunity to Beastmode
    • Pivot, cut, go through obstacles
  • The lie behind knowledge is power
    • Knowledge isn’t enough
    • Action is power
    • Acting produces results
  • People become knowledge junkies to avoid action
  • Waiting for results v taking action
  • Success is a drip campaign
  • There is no overnight success
  • Find podcasts that push you to action
  • Think almost always requires a dialogue
    • Thinking is talking to ourselves
  • Thinking has intentionality behind it

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