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You have found THE place to be for Modern Leaders. You must be pretty awesome to want to change the way leadership looks in your company and in your life.

Let me guess, you are one of two types of people: either a new manager, boss, CEO, director or some other head honcho in a company OR you know you have leadership abilities but are looking for ways to stand out amongst your co-workers. Since you can find both types here, let’s party together.

By coming to this page, you are

  • wanting a better leadership style
  • looking for ways to enhance your leadership skills
  • building better company morale or,
  • you want to lead without being a jerk face (bad boss)

My friend, I’ve been there. I sat through more miserable meetings than I care to count and survived the iron hammer boss. That’s not us.

Your leadership style matters in work and in life – you make a HUGE impact.

You CAN lead with an open mind and be approachable.

You ARE ready to learn modern problem-solving skills.

And, you CAN gain the confidence to reach your leadership potential.

Modern Leadership

Here’s my take on leadership… We need more leaders. We need you.

  • You have the makings of great leadership within you. You can command the respect you deserve by attracting the best co-workers and friends.
  • You have a desire to change morale in the work place but feel unable to actually make that change. I’m here to bring those tools and skills into the place you spend most of your waking hours. Let’s make those hours great!
  • You deserve happiness, respect and success. My job is guide you and your team to produce your best and most productive work.
  • Plus, I believe skydiving with your team is the best way to break down barriers and have the time of your life. #truth

Here’s the bottom line: you are leading in a new era and the old style of leadership is, well, old. It just isn’t cutting it. Together let’s implement a whole new attitude towards leadership.

Modern Leadership

Hello, my friends! My name is Jake Carlson.

I am a podcaster, speaker, writer, and mentor.

The background…

Growing up I listened to Zig Ziglar on cassette tapes (anyone remember those?) and I memorized every word he had to say. He became my mentor. My goal was to be just like Zig.

In college, I obtained a degree in deductive logic and analytic thinking (sounds exciting huh?) It gets worse. I went on to law school and business school for a joint MBA/JD and still did not have a clear idea of how I was going to accomplish that goal.

The next six years I excelled at the Boy Scouts of America National Foundation as in-house counsel before joining The Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council as Director of Development and later Chief Operating Officer. During that time I was able to present to audiences all over the United States. It was a stepping stone to my goal, but not quite there.

My obsession is speaking publicly to large and small audiences, spreading the message of Modern Leadership and how it can make a difference both professionally and personally. Seeing people succeed, fulfill their life goals, and reach their potential through magnifying leadership qualities is my message. This led to the next big step in my life:

In 2016 I transitioned to podcasting, speaking, writing, and mentoring full time. In order to focus all my time and energy around growing my businesses, our family is traveling the world for one year. I produce podcasts on the Modern Leadership podcast, write articles for multiple blogs, and prepare workshops based on leadership skills for companies and individuals.

The rest of the story…

Kari and I have been married for thirteen years and have two girls and my boy. They have all been dragged on this entrepreneurial journey (with some minor kicking) and you can see more of that experience here.

Today, I am living my dream. I get to travel the world and spread the Modern Leadership message; that YOU can be a leader at work, in life, and at home.

Modern LeadershipIt’s time. Let’s Magnify The Leader in You!

Through online courses, free webinars, a Facebook community, and more, I’ve helped hundreds of confident, driven and powerful leaders, like you, stand out. Together we can redefine leadership!

Before I go: 

I specialize in topics like accountability, problem solving, confidence building, adaptability, and enthusiasm.

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