ML23 – Survival Tips with Jonathan David Lewis

Is Your Brand Wandering in The Wild?

Jonathan David Lewis is the author of the brand new, on the shelves now, book Brand vs. Wild: Building Resilient Brands for Harsh Business Environments. He is a partner and strategy director at McKee Wallwork + Company, a firm recognized by Advertising Age as a national leader in branding and marketing. McKee Wallwork + Company has won the Southwest Small Agency of the Year, national B2B Campaign of the Year, and national Best Places to Work awards.

On top of all that- Jonathan is an engaging and authoritative speaker on shaping a brand that can survive—and thrive—in today’s tough, uncertain world.

Jonathan David Lewis


Episode Summary: Is Your Brand Wandering in The Wild?

Survival Tips with Jonathan David Lewis

  • The retail-pocalypse
  • Watch for the web of partnerships, webs of procedures
    • unless you disrupt yourself the web will lead to complacency
  • Risk is something we run away from, we hate uncertainty
  • What it all comes down to at the end of the day is the idea that success is not achieved through the traditional means, it’s the new principles of success
    • Built on the concept of resiliency
    • Applies to people, businesses and leaders

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Learning From Leaders: 

Most interesting Survival Story: Ernest Shackleton & the Endurance

Current Book: The Connected Company by Dave Gray 

Additional Items Mentioned

Brand vs. Wild: Building Resilient Brands for Harsh Business Environments


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